Our game modes are built from the ground up with input from players. We often develop custom plugins for game modes and the network, giving us total control over the experience. Our game modes feature elements of PvP/PvE, Survival, Roleplay, and Creative, all blended in different combinations to deliver an experience that is both familiar yet different.

Our players have a say in the direction of the BattleBlocs Network. Players are encouraged to suggest ideas, give feedback, and vote on the direction the game modes or even the Network takes. We also strive to ensure our players all feel welcomed and included, giving players spaces to communicate and support each other. 

The Kingdom of AliasterBLCK Games

The Kingdom of ALiasterBLCK

In the Kingdom Of AliasterBLCK, players are subjected to the whims of their tyrant ruler (and server admin), AliasterBLCK

The world is standard survival, though players must obey the commands of their king. Failure to do so will result in severe punishment. The rules outlined by AliasterBLCK may vary and seem odd or even detrimental to the players, regardless they will be enforced.

Players may garner the favor of their mighty ruler, earning titles and ranks as well as receiving gifts and special treatment.

Steal The Crown Games

Steal The Crown

In Steal The Crown, players must hunt down the Crown Player and kill them. If the Crown Player is killed then the player who killed them becomes the new Crown Player. However, if the Crown Player leaves or dies of natural causes the Crown is given to a random player.

When the Crown Player dies, their score is added to the leaderboard. Only the top score of each player is saved.

When a player takes the Crown, they are teleported to a random location. They also have bonus stats including health, armor, speed, and damage.

Creative Build Games

Creative Build

Creative build strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and allows players to easily create and destroy structures and mechanisms with the inclusion of an infinite use of blocks and flying.

In Creative Build, players have no health or hunger bar to hamper their building since they are invincible. Creative Build allows players to destroy all blocks instantly (including normally-indestructible blocks such as bedrock, end portal frames, etc.).

Death Screen Minecraft

Daily Death

In Daily Death, players are given an additional life each day to survive in a regular survival world.

When a player dies, they lose a life. If a player loses all their lives they are kicked from the server and can't return til the next day.

Players may also save up lives each day to have multiple lives to play with.